We are looking forward to welcoming you at the "Gouille-à-l'Ours"!
Here is some information about the history of this magical place.

The chalet "Sam Suffit" dates from 1880. The chalet, or "mayen" as it was called, was used in the summer to house about six cows before they climbed to higher pasture land in the Chassoure Mountains. Originally, it was a one-room structure over and adjacent to a partially excavated stable in which the cows were kept so that the humans could profit from the heat generated by the animals. This area is now the living-dining room and has been completely excavated to include the new kitchen, bathroom (previously a corner of the room for eating and sleeping) and technical-storage room with boiler. The old kitchen with a stove was located in the new bedroom on the first floor over the actual kitchen and the bedroom "Edelweiss and Heart" was used as a barn to store hay.
In 1997, while free ride skiing, Antocha and Harald found the property of 3000m2 that also included another chalet. At first they rented and took up residence in the second chalet. In 1999, they were able to purchase the property. From 1997 to 2002 "Sam Suffit" was rented for a few weeks per year in summer and winter. Up to six people were accommodated and during the Christmas-New Year season it was not unusual to count up to ten to twelve people, some even sleeping in their cars!
In 2002, Harald embarked on the enlargement of the second chalet and the couple moved into "Sam Suffit" for ten months. Simon joined them there on January 5th 2003 for the first month of his life and "Sam Suffit" was available again for vacationers.
On February 19th 2005, the family expanded with the arrival of Olivia and Harald, whose passion is building and renovating, decided to convert the old stable of "Sam Suffit" into a small studio for an "au pair" (nanny).
However, as he worked, the plans changed and ultimately, it was decided to completely renovate and add height to the structure. Only the original beams and foundation were kept.
Harald began alone, often helped by friends. In winter, weather conditions brought all work to a halt and the chalet remained vacant. Finally, in September 2009 at Harald's official 40th birthday party, "Sam Suffit" was inaugurated and the first tenants arrived for the Christmas-New Year holidays.

The chalet was built by MINERGIE standards and thus has some characteristics:

VMV Ventilation
This system allows continuous ventilation with fresh air extracted from the ground near the chalet. Theoretically, there is no need to open windows and "air out" since the air is constantly renewed. Similarly, air emitted from the bathrooms and the kitchen fan is removed and returned to the outside environment.
The system can be regulated according to your requirements by adapting the fan speed located in the technical room.

Floor Heating by Pump
Small heating coils are located under the flooring of the ground and first floors. They radiate heat that is extracted from the ground from a depth of 75m! The entire system serves the two chalets and is remotely controlled.

Authentic Soapstone Stove
A soapstone stove is the traditional alpine way of heating a house par excellence. On the ground floor, a fire can be lit to make the room even more comfortable. The stove was assembled on the site using old stones recovered from various locations and built by our friend, Pierre-Louis who is a specialist in this field. Be careful when adjusting the draw as the stove must be heated slowly.